Project Team Organization Chart

The Photosynthesis Study kicked off on July 5, 2012 and concluded on July 31, 2014.

The study was divided into seven tasks and thirty-four workpackages spread over seven organizations
from seven countriesFourteen deliverables were scheduled.  Findings from the study formed the basis of advice and
recommendations developed throughout the project, eventually culminating in the final package assembled under Task 7.

See also:  Task Descriptions
PS Study - Org Chart
PS Study - Task Structure
See also:  Task Descriptions

About the FLEX Photosynthesis Study...

This study targetted the linkage between solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence and photosynthesis in terrestrial vegetation.  A dedicated photosynthesis model based on state-of-the-art existing modules was developed and implemented.  We also developed and tested a prototype algorithm that can derive photosynthesis from FLEX tandem mission measurements.  The Photosynthesis Study was part of the package of parallel study activities needed for assessment of the FLEX candidate mission.

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