Task Structure Project Organization Chart

The FLEX Bridge Study Project kicked off on October 1, 2014 ("KO") and concluded on September 30, 2015 ("KO+12").
The Final Review was held in December 2015, and the Final Project Report was published in January 2016.

The study was divided into five tasks and twenty-eight workpackages spread over nine organizations
from eight countriesThirteen deliverables were scheduled.  The findings from the study formed the basis of advice and
recommendations developed throughout the project, eventually culminating in the Final Report and Technical Data Package.

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About the FLEX Bridge Study...

The goal of the FLEX Bridge Study was to optimize approaches for SIF retrievals and applications in assessment of photosynthesis and stress status in terrestrial vegetation, including development of a calibration/validation strategy for FLEX products.  The study has advanced the work of the PS Study and PARCS projects with new and additional science to address priorities identified by these previous studies and in ongoing FLEX preparatory activities.  FLEX Bridge will form the foundation of subsequent science & applications development during mission development and deployment.  The study consolidated follow-on activities leading up to the User Consultation Meeting (UCM) held in Krakow, Poland, on September 15-16, 2015.  FLEX has now been selected as ESA's new Earth Explorer 8 mission.

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